Ubuntu (ùɓúntʼù)

African Philosophy

The interconnectedness of human beings.

"Ubuntu gives you people, people lead you to prosperity."

Our Story

About Dbuntu

We are Dbuntu, and this is our story...

  • 2015

    The Dream of Dbuntu

    Alvin Mbabazi and Brent Mandelkorn grew up 8,000 miles apart, but were randomly assigned as roomates at Trinity Univeristy, with two things in common: They both wanted to start a business, and they both live and breathe technology design, and human development.

  • 2016

    Boots on Ground

    In the summer of 2016, the two roomates, travelled to Uganda, with big dreams to disrupt Uganda's Agriculture Industry with modern methods and technology. While there, they spent time working with farmers to learn and better understand the market, it's dynamics, and the greatest challenges it faced.

  • 2017

    An Idea is Born

    Upon their return to the US, Alvin & Brent hit the capital development circuit and raised $21,500 from the Trinity University Stumberg Venture, and TCU Values & Ventures competitions in 2017. The team then entered into a Startup Accelerator Program to expand the team, and to bring their dream to life.

  • 2018

    Customer Discovery

    After graduation in May 2018, Alvin moved to Uganda full-time to lead the vision and direction of Dbuntu on ground. In July 2018, Dbuntu began beta testing their first solution in the market, as Data for Cattle   was implemented on a select focus group of early-adopter farmers.

  • 2019

    Product Launch

    In Febuary 2019, a comprehensive solution that solves the identified problems faced by farmers in Uganda was complete. The team began to set its focus on finding the product-market fit and building out a profitable business model based on fundamentals and sustainability.

  • Be Part
     Of Our

We promise to bring with us a lasting culture of ‘ubuntu’ to business.

'Ubuntu' - Our interconnectedness as human beings.

Be Human

Core Value #1

Appreciate Ubuntu, 'keep it real', and democratize our products & services.

Be Professional

Core Value #2

Master that which is effective, and implement ideas efficiently.

Challenge Convention

Core Value #3

Productively challenge others, and invest in new frontiers.


"Ubuntu gives you people, people lead you to prosperity."

Alvin Mbabazi

Business Development

Roy Langa

Product Development

Jeremiah Kavuuya

Customer Development

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Partners & Advisors

Francis Ruvuna, Ph.D

Advisor, Genetics Statistics

Luis Martinez, Ph.D

Advisor, Products & Innovation

Pamela Mbabazi, Ph.D

Advisor, African Development

L. Herbert Stumberg Jr.

Advisor, Capital Development

Alex Ariho

Advisor, Agribusiness Network

Chris Warren

Advisor, Intellectual Property

Ivan Mbabazi

Advisor, Business Strategy

Bobby Mikler

Advisor, International Business

David Girault

Advisor, Operations Strategy

Chad Webster

EO Mentor

Huw Edwards

EO Mentor

John Callanan

EO Mentor

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