Dbuntu Data is a one-stop data center for Africa that exists to enable people of Africa to harness the power of their data to transform their lives and economies.



Provide tools & real time analytics to help you and your business make better decisions.



Use machine learning to offer data-driven strategies to maximize the impact of your resources.

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Aggregate data to optimize industry wide decision making & measure investment performance.


Agriculture, Africa's backbone, lacks timely and accurate raw data inhibiting evidence-based planning and decision making at all levels across the value chain. This drastically limits the growth of commercial agriculture and development in Africa because farmers cannot confidently make informed decisions, investors cannot identify and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities to channel their capital, and the government can neither predict nor measure the effects of their policies. All stakeholders are making poor decisions with their budgeted resources.


Uganda's GDP


  • 37% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Close to 18.8 million or 77% of the Ugandan population depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and close to 50% of this is the rural population which entirely dependent on agriculture as their sole economic activity.  (U.S. Library of Congress Data, Appendix 1)

Tougher climate and commodity price conditions are making it all the more relevant for farmers to use any information they can get their hands on. In Uganda, the data gap currently present in the agriculture industry, its most densely populated industry, by far affects the most number of people, is why Dbuntu Data choose to focus on Uganda's agricultural data first.


Data for Agriculture is a data driven platform with a mission to bridge the gap between data for social good and data for profit through field data collection & statistics.



  • Increase food production
  • Reduce poverty and malnutrition
  • Map food deserts and improve food security
  • Empower communities



Our model engages respondents actively involved in agricultural activities using our applications which provide services they need. We design and build mobile data collection products that deliver both near-term value to farmers and a platform for continuing development. This helps us get data-informed answers, map food deserts, increase overall food production and improve national food sovereignty. Our agriculture apps such as Data for Dairy empower agricultural businesses with data to optimize their food production & performance. It then allows Dbuntu Data to do real-time analyses of regional productivity, nutrition, food security, and information access with the data we collect. At Dbuntu Data we see beyond data collection! We explore where data is needed and make a plan.

Ease in data recording, human empowerment and effective use of resources. Dbuntu Data is intelligently structured to accommodate the beauty of management and successfully orchestrate it through the morals of ‘ubuntu’.

Dbuntu Data for Dairy Application


Your one-stop farm management app, designed and built for AfricA

Data for Dairy is a simple mobile record keeping and farm management solution that's empowering farmers to harness the power of data to improve productivity in Africa.

Basic Package:

  • Animal Tracker
  • Sales Records
  • Cost Records
  • Milk Production Records

Production Pro Package:

  • Individual Cow Analysis
  • Feed Tracker
  • Medical Records
  • Genetic Tracker

Financial Pro Package:

  • Inventory Tracker
  • Asset Management
  • Vender & Employee Payments
  • Financial Statement Generator

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"Humanity gives you people, people lead you to prosperity"

Canon Dr. John Batuma (Uganda's Father of Dairy farming)